Beware of Payroll Hackers for Direct Deposit!

Hacking PictureIn the past several months, we have two clients that lost or almost lost Payroll funds when typing Direct Deposit amounts into an on-line service.  In both cases, key stroke monitoring and remote access software was present and no one knew.  The hackers steal the login information for the on-line accounts, setup bogus employees and change employee bank account numbers.  Then the next time a payroll is entered, the money goes to a debit card or to someone else’s account.

One way to avoid this is to create an ACH file and submit the file directly to a bank.  The ACH file contains the employee information, bank account information and dollar amounts.  Sage 100 has the capability to create these ACH files for both Payroll and Accounts Payable.

Sage 100 also has a feature called Positive Pay that will send your bank a list of check numbers and amounts that have been approved for processing.  Let us know if you need any assistance with creating any of these ACH or Positive Pay files.


Get the most out of Credit Card Processing within Sage 100 and Sage Payment Solutions

There are multiple ways to utilize credit card processing within Sage 100 and Sage Payment Solutions so that you can make it work best for you and your business.

The three ways are to process the credit card:

  1. At the time of the customer’s order
  2. At the time of the customer’s invoicing
  3. At the time of handling a cash receipt

Credit Card




Watch the following video demonstration for step by step instructions on each option and get the most out of your software:


We Make Software Work


Overwhelmed by the amount of data entry required under the Affordable Care Act? Help is here! Introducing ACA Data Assist for Sage 100

ACADataAssistLogoACA Data Assist for Sage 100 is a tool used to assist in the data entry of employee and dependent information required under the Affordable Care Act.  Get ready to save hours by utilizing these great features:

  • One click to enter employee information
  • Easily populate employees monthly detail
  • One screen for Monthly Detail and Covered Individuals
  • Automatically fills in months that employees were not covered
  • Import Covered Individuals from an external spreadsheet
  • Can import data already manually entered into Sage, no lost work
  • Seamlessly import all ACA data into Sage 100

Click here for Demonstration Video and Pricing Guide

What’s New at Meat Order Pro? Custom Application Continues to Improve Order Entry for Meat Processors.

Meat Order Pro Logo WhiteMeat Order Pro is a comprehensive order entry,
production and
fulfillment program for wild game,
custom cuts, wholesale/retail order processing.

What’s New at Meat Order Pro:
  • Wholesale Order Entry and Retail Order Entry
  • Automated email and/or text notifications can be sent directly to customers when orders are ready.
  • Customization to fit your order processing needs.
What people are saying about Meat Order Pro:

“Meat Order Pro is definitely an upgrade from the software we were using. Our data is very easy to access. Wholesale and custom product pricing is very easy to change at any time. I love that we can have multiple users and that the program was fully customizable.”    -Jenny, Haen Meats

Watch a short demonstration of Meat Order Pro:

Click here to see how simple and efficient your order entry can become!

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Physical Count Success Story: Lappen Security Products No Longer Singing the Inventory Counting Blues

Does the thought of doing a physical count make you uneasy?  Is the process tedious and time consuming?  Even with your best efforts, does the final count seem inaccurate?   Competitive Strategies, Inc. may be able to help you simplify the process. 
By implementing a Bar Code Scanner and Handheld Tablet into your physical count process, we can get you clicks away from similar benefits that Lappen Security Products has enjoyed:
  • Decreased count time by 70%
  • No lost time to complete count.
  • No searching for items and matching up to a spreadsheet.
  • Easily able to complete count more often to catch inaccuracies.
  • Ability to be involved in creation process so program fits all your needs.
  • Excellent customer service and support
Click here to watch the entire Lappen Security Products Success Story

Manufacturing Success Story: VSI saves over 33 hours per month using Tablets and Scanner to do Lot Tracking

Are you manually writing down serial numbers to track components?  Do you feel like there has to be a better, more efficient way?  You may be right!  Click here to check out the success that VSI has had using Handheld Tablets and Bar Code Scanners implemented by Competitive Strategies, Inc. to work with their existing operating system.

Tablet pic

Benefits of Tablets and Scanners

  • Eliminates time needed for manual data entry
  • Eliminates human error, such as transposing numbers
  • Data automatically placed in organized database
  • Ability for real time reporting

Why stop there!  Competitive Strategies, Inc. can also implement Tablets and Scanners to help with Remote Order Entry, Time and Material Tracking, and Equipment Tracking.  Click here to see how the Tablets and Scanners work in all of these capacities.

The Future of Cloud Computing is, well, Cloudy

Article taken from New North B2B August 2014

Behind the hype is the reality that cloud computing offers great promise, but it’s not right for everyone and everything – just yet.

If you buy into the rhetoric of some technology pundits, you might conclude that you’re way behind the curve if you have not yet migrated your business-critical processes to that sometimes nebulous technology environment that’s come tobe known as “the cloud.” The truth is that while cloud-based applications are great tools for many processes and companies, you still have to do your due diligence to see if it’s right for your company and your needs.

Steve Engmann, president of Appleton-based Competitive Strategies Inc., is an avowed cloud protagonist, but he notes that business owners and executives considering a move to the cloud need to consider a number of critical issues.

For example, Engmann said, the issue of data ownership needs to be clear. “Who owns the data? There is nothing worse than spending years pumping data into a system, then finding out when the solution no longer does everything you want, that there is no easy way to get your data back out or to access any company information in the future,” Engmann said.

One of the often-cited advantages of cloud computing is that software updates are usually automatic, relieving clients of the need to monitor the status of their software. However, said Engmann, even that feature has a potential downside.

“Just recently we had a client that had integrated a cloudbased billing and service solution with their internal accounting system,” Engmann said. When the solution provider updated the software without informing the client, “the upgrade broke the integration link and caused all sorts of unexpected surprises and costs.”

5 Top Reasons the Cloud Might be Right for You

  1. Cost Analysis determines that monthly subscription costs are lower than the cost of maintaining your own infrastructure, hiring IT staff and maintaining software upgrades.
  2. You value flexibility for your employees, who are able to access your database and applications anywhere, anytime.
  3. You have multiple locations that need to share data and resources.
  4. You would rather focus on your core business and outsource many of your IT needs.
  5. Your business is growing and you want to be able to scale your IT needs to current business requirements on demand.

To read more of the article written by Rick Berg, click here: The Future of Cloud Computing

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